Project: Utopia 2050
Role: Animation, Illustration, Writing

A few words from Eleanor Drage, who commissioned the piece:
"This short animation explores how utopian science fiction can draw a queer and anti-racist future closer, articulating “a forward-dawning futurity” (José Muñoz). In doing so, it responds to a question at the heart of my thesis, namely: how can we break through the limitations of our present and imagine the unimaginable? In this short film, a girl reads a utopian novel in which aliens tend for their organic spaceship (inspired by Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy) and ‘lesbian’ aliens procreate without technological or third-party intervention.
This animation does not attempt to occlude some of the problematic elements of utopia, also asking “utopia for whom?” when the viewer is confronted with one alien cultivating the land while (pregnant) aliens enjoy some respite. At the end of the clip, the spaceship enters into the readers’ reality. This symbolizes the way in which fiction offers a way for readers to cross the « utopian horizon of possibility » by providing a lens through which to see the world differently, enabling the reader to translate science fictional vision creation into praxis." 

A little more about my role:
When Eleanor reached out to me in late 2018, she had a vague outline of the story she wanted to tell. I helped her with the writing and started adapting her idea in a way that would become visually interesting. The goal was to share inspiring notions of social progress using science-fiction tropes, all in about 60 seconds. I presented her with moodboards, and when we settled on a version of the script we were both happy with I created the storyboard, illustrations and animation.

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