Project: FYSEE (2017–2019)
Client: Netflix
Company: We're Magnetic
Role: Concepting, Graphic Design, Illustration

For three consecutive years, Netflix has asked Magnetic to create a space where their content could come to life and offer unique experiences to potential Emmy Award voters.
From designing strategy during early stages to overseeing graphic installation in a Hollywood studio, I have been involved in numerous aspects of this project. Personal highlights include having to figure out an anamorphic graphic installation in a tight space, working with developers on the interactive pieces of the experience, and seeing some of my favorite actors interact with activations I helped create.
The amount of creative problem solving and fast turnarounds have made this project a great challenge to my skills and an overall teaching experience.
Yasss Queen!!!
- What do we want?! 
- Hot Cheetos and Takis!
Illustrations for the map given to attendees
Graphics for the Godless kinetic bar, replicating a horse stampede passing by
Graphics for a messed-up game of Whack-a-Shame-Wizard
A transformative experience for Marvel's Luke Cage
From render... reality
A sample of unused concepts:
A Western re-interpretation of the bullet time
A multi-sensory evidence room to learn more about the serial killers showed in Mindhunter
An interactive séance to reach your favorite deceased characters
Illustrations for wall graphics
A few distinguished guests...
Jerry Seinfeld & David Letterman
David Harbour
The cast of 13 Reasons Why on the bikes from Stranger Things
The cast and creators of Stranger Things
The Fab Five and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
Cheo Coker and Alfre Woodward from Luke Cage
Aidan Gallagher
Robert Sheehan

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