2017 – 2019

For three consecutive years, Magnetic helped Netflix rake in awards thanks to the FYSee campaign (play on the phrase “for your consideration”) where the streamer’s top original programming came to life, offering an immersive backdrop to a series of star-studded events in West Hollywood. What started as refurbishing a vacant office building the first year soon graduated into a fully immersive experience inside a gigantic soundstage.

I got to be involved in every step of the project: helping pitch different overarching themes for the whole campaign, creating concepts for each activation, photoshopping 3D renders to give them an extra zhuzh, laying out dozens of printed graphics (ranging from 40ft long walls to skin wrapping a whack-a-shame-wizard machine), and overseeing onsite installation in LA.

Featuring: a levitating van, a royal hall of mirrors, a riverboat casino, a quaking saloon, a portal to the Upside Down, and much more…

Skills: Ideation; Strategy; Illustration; Image editing; Graphic design; Print production

Software: Photoshop; Illustrator; InDesign

Overseeing the installation of activations with graphics I created and/or prepped for print

From render to reality – Stranger Things Season 2

Illustrations used in various activations

Sketches for unused activation ideas