Machine Learning Playbook


“So, you want to use machine learning?”

In the last few years, Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Strategy & Innovation division has been witnessing a continued appetite from stakeholders for machine learning technology to be implemented in certain digital tools and solutions, despite mixed historical results. Although this project started as a search for implementation opportunities, it eventually turned into the creation of a playbook meant to help our data scientists triage requests from business owners to implement data-powered tools. 

The playbook itself mainly consists of guiding principles and scoping questions, but also lays a base for future ideation around machine learning, along with some best practices around product design. The core of its message? Machine learning cannot be the sole driving force behind a project, nor is it the most appropriate tool for every task.

Skills: Analogous research; Ethnographic research; Analysis & Synthesis; Workshop design and facilitation; Strategy; Prototyping

Software: Miro