Sign language is very helpful, but a lot of people don’t know how to use it. At the age of wearable technology, Hearsay is a tremendous breakthrough for helping hearing impaired persons to communicate with everyone around them. This piece of tech works with reactive fabric that can interact directly with the brain of the user to display what they are not able to say.

Hearsay is an apparel brand of a new kind. Its embedded technology enables the hearing-impaired to display their thoughts with responsive type on the frontside of their clothes so that they can interact with everyone.
The interaction is instantaneous and can be used in a very wide range of circumstances,
as it is also able to translate thoughts into another language automatically.
(This is a fictional school project which will hopefully be possible one day)
Preliminary infographic which purpose is to sensibilize the audience to the situation of the deaf in the US, both seriously and in a lighter tone.

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